dermamelan® intimate, a unique depigmentation method for the intimate area

In collaboration with an aesthetic gynaecology medical team led by Dr. Adrián Gaspar, a pioneering gynaecologist in aesthetic gynaecology and anti-ageing medicine, mesoestetic® has developed a reliable, efficient and fast depigmentation method for the intimate area.

Specifically formulated to be effective and respectful of the characteristics of the skin in this area, dermamelan intimate® is the anti-ageing depigmenting method that treats visible dark spots in the short-term while helping minimise the reappearance of hyperpigmentation long-term of the genito-perineal area, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs and groins.


cosmelan, your pigmentation punch!

cosmelan® is the leading worldwide depigmentation method. It is a topical treatment expected to take approximately 6 months that combines a single session in-clinic with a home care regimen, necessary to achieve optimal results.

The cosmelan® has a unique, dual mechanism of action, treating the existing dark spots for a short-term result, while providing a visible corrective action on the appearance of future pigmentation for a long-term result.

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age element, personalised anti-ageing science

Environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle are the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms, while also promoting and accelerating the main visible signs of ageing.

age element is mesoestetic®’s next-generation, 100% personalised anti-ageing system based on the science of epigenetics. It is an integral solution that covers all essential stages of an anti-ageing treatment: from diagnosis to boosting results.

The professional treatment allows the professional to design a 100% customised protocol from an exclusive diagnostic tool which adapts the protocol to each individual patient. It analyses the variables involved in the skin ageing process and defines the most appropriate treatment for each patient. The supporting products to use at home are formulated solutions to target all the signs of ageing independently and intensely, treating the loss of brightness and firmness as well as the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.


bodyshock, a solution for every body

Changes to our bodies affect everyone and are one of the main aesthetic concerns that people experience. There are many triggering factors throughout our lifetime such as age, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition and unhealthy habits, each affecting everyone in different ways.

mesoestetic® have developed an innovative range of solutions to
treat the changes in our silhouette in a personalised way – cellulite, localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks. The bodyshock range consists of an in-clinic treatment that is an 100% customised comprehensive system to treat the concerns of the body and home care products specific for each concern, combinable to maximise the results.


mesoprotech®, broad-spectrum sun protection

The different types of solar rays impact our skin at different depths and with differentiated effects, sometimes with undesired consequences for the body.

mesoprotech® offers complete protection against broad spectrum solar radiation, with innovative formulas that combine UVB and UVA filters with biological filters to protect from the negative visible effects of oxidative stress, and textures to suit the needs and demands of each skin type.

The products in the range include the mesoprotech® complex which includes physical filers with mineral particles to help reflect
radiation, chemical filters to help absorb radiation and biological
filters for an anti-oxidant effect.