WiQo Lifting & Brightening Programme

3 Steps for Visibly Brighter and Firmer Skin

Do you want to see immediate, visible improvement to your skin? Looking forward to a special event? WiQo Lifting and Brightening Programme is your best ally, because it is a treatment with an “instant effect”, which results in visibly, fresher and brighter skin. Precisely for this reason, WiQo Lifting and Brightening Programme is a favourite treatment for many around the world.


The Multilayer approach to skin treatments

WiQo One is the cornerstone of the three step “WiQo Lifting and Brightening Programme”. It was born from the innovative interaction between Homocysteic Acid and Ammonium Trichloroacetate, in the presence of low concentration Hydrogen Peroxide. This innovative patent-pending formula stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes like never before.

Applied topically in-clinic with a specific massage technique, WiQo ONE has an immediate lifting and brightening effect on the skin, so it appears smoother and firmer instantly. The results are persistent after a full course (5 sessions), especially when followed by the WiQo Cosmeceuticals home treatment protocol.

The topical application technique is particularly appreciated by patients who dislike needles. The unique formulation does not cause frosting so the treatment can be performed year round, with little to no downtime