The world's leading medical depigmentation method. Introducing new and improved dermamelan®

The world's leading medical depigmentation method. Introducing new and improved dermamelan®

mesoestetic®, a world leader in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, has launched their latest upgraded version of the dermamelan® formula, a topical depigmenting method medically applied to treat the appearance of dark spots.

With skin hyperpigmentation becoming a growing skin concern for all ethnicities and skin types, mesoestetic® has spent over 30 years consistently pursuing innovation in the depigmentation field. 

What makes the new dermamelan® unique?
dermamelan® provides an all-round treatment method thanks to its dual mechanism of action that persists over time and helps prevent the appearance of pigmentation. The unique formula gradually encourages the skin renewal process, treating the appearance of existing dark spots while also promoting a gradual intensive corrective action on the reappearance of future skin discolouration. Additionally, it acts as a powerful anti-ageing treatment. The skin's renewal process results in visibly increasing skin luminosity and minimises the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

This new treatment contains to new patented technologies:

  • melaphenone®: mesoestetic has designed, modelled and synthesised this synthesis molecule. Its molecular structure and 3D conformation provide a high specificity and reliability in visibly moderating and reducing the appearance of pigmentation.
  • (SYN)pigmentarget® is an exclusive complex that is a unique combination of three selected active ingredients formulated at optimum concentrations, for a high-synergism response in the appearance of pigmentation.

The upgraded dermamelan® also features some new improvements to the treatment:

  • Treatment time (4 hours). New developments have allowed for a significant reduction in the method's exposure time during the in-clinic phase, reducing it down to 4 hours total. This breakthrough has been achieved as a result of the active ingredients being more powerful and the delivery technology.
  • Total treatment time (4 months). In turn, the at-home protocol's time frame has also been reduced thanks to the efficacy improvements made to the home care formula (previously it was 6 months). 

Available at mesoestetic® medical-aesthetic centers in Australia, visit our clinic finder to find your closest skin clinic.  

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