Become a Partnering Clinic

The Advanced Cosmeceuticals Skin Group provides the Pacific with the world’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brands and aesthetic devices. It is through our many years in the professional beauty space that we have become a trusted name in the medical and aesthetic community.

With a curated portfolio that offers solutions to your client's aesthetic needs our experienced and dedicated team have helped medical and aesthetic professionals like you grow their business, achieve their goals and provide incredible results for their clients.

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A Reputation To Be Proud Of

In all our years of operation, our business model continues to be based on the same core values:

Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional results and consistently exceeding expectations. We embrace a culture of excellence that inspires our employees, impresses our customers, and positions us as a trusted and respected leader in our industry.

Integrity: We are committed to doing the right thing, acting ethically, and maintaining trustworthiness in all aspects of our business. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner, employer, and member of the community, fostering an environment where integrity is valued and practised by all.

Accountability: We ensure that each individual takes ownership of their actions and commitments, fostering a culture of responsibility and reliability. We believe that accountability is the foundation for individual and collective success, and it drives us towards achieving our goals and delivering exceptional results. 

Initiative: We encourage a proactive, innovative and growth-oriented mindset. We believe that taking the initiative leads to continuous progress, driving us to surpass expectations and thrive in a competitive landscape.

Care: We emphasise our commitment to people-first principles and fostering a supportive, compassionate, and inclusive environment where the well-being of individuals and communities is prioritised. We believe that caring for others is essential for sustainable success and positive impact. 

Why Partner with ACSG?

The ACSG follows three main principles to ensure our clinics are receiving a best-in-class service, have access to exponential growth, and can succeed with our brand portfolio.

Customer Focussed: We are a clinic-first business, with our clinic relationships being our leading focus for ACSG. The expert ACSG teams target all sectors of the professional space, ensuring you as a partnering clinic will have immense levels of support for all aspects of your partnership with us.

We also pride ourselves on providing a personal touch to the services we provide. We are committed to providing tailored and individualised service and support at the highest level. Our friendly customer service and support team are also available via phone, email and online to suit all communication preferences.

You will also be working with our experienced and dedicated team of Business Development Managers. Our team will work with you to ensure your clinic is growing in line with your goals and expectations and will provide a tight connection to the company.

Professionalism: Every interaction with ACSG is met with honesty, integrity and professionalism, to ensure that you as a clinic partner feel respected and heard. It is our focus as a group to deliver on our promises to our clinic partners and provide an industry leading level of service. We are also highly selective with the brands in our portfolio, working with clinically proven products that operate with integrity so that our clinics and customers know they’re receiving the very best products on the market.

Education: As an ACSG partner, we endeavour to set you up for success from day one. Our team of Educators provide the highest level of training to our customers. Our Educators host regular brand training schools nationwide and in-clinic training is available upon request. Additionally, clients have unique opportunities to participate in workshops and seminars with international trainers and experts from across our multi-national portfolio of brands.

Laser and energy devices are installed and serviced by licensed and authorised technicians and practical, in-clinic training is provided by our experienced and certified Clinical Trainers.