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Crystal Retinal®
Discover youthful skin with this award-winning, ground-breaking serum, proven to delive...
Alpha Optimal Brightener 30ml (AU)
Be completely captivated by Alpha Optimal Brightener which hosts an array of skin-no...
Lumi Cleansing Milk 130ml (AU)
The nourishing Lumi Cleansing Milk gently removes makeup and impurities as it rids s...
Pigment Solution 30g
A superior treatment for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. This powerful product ...
Restorative Hydration Cream
Potent C 15ml (AU)
This Potent C brightening serum contains Vitamin C concentrate which promotes an int...
Alpha Illuminator 30ml (AU)
Refined and radiant skin is within reach with the Alpha Illuminator, due to the intr...
Radiance Cleansing Wash 130ml (AU)
This gel wash brightens the appearance of the complexion while thoroughly cleansing ...