Behind the scenes at Cosmoprof Asia

Behind the scenes at Cosmoprof Asia

Catherine Beidermann and Olivier Duvillard, members of the Advanced Cosmeceutical Skin Group (ACSG) board of directors, recently attended Cosmoprof Asia 2023. This premier B2B beauty event in the Asia-Pacific region serves as a nexus for beauty professionals, industry luminaries, and innovative suppliers, unveiling the latest trends, products, and technologies while influencing the future of skincare. 

At Cosmoprof Asia, which boasts a diverse array of global exhibitors, Catherine and Olivier explored connections with other top industry leaders and brands. This aligns with ACSG's continued commitment to bring skincare innovation to serve its valued customer base. Catherine and Olivier enjoyed several days of engaging in insightful discussions and networking with international experts to gain deeper insights into market dynamics, and the future trajectory of professional skincare.

We sat down with Catherine and Olivier to delve into their experiences at Cosmoprof Asia.


How would you describe your time at Cosmoprof Asia? 

Catherine: Cosmoprof is one of the largest trade fairs, demanding careful planning before attending. Focusing on identifying contacts and categories of interest beforehand is crucial and saves a lot of time. We met with pre-selected companies to understand more about their products and the potential for introducing them in Australia. Once we visited all the pre-selected companies, we spent time exploring additional possible connections to support the growth of ACSG’s portfolio.

Olivier: It was enlightening and intense! Imagine two giant exhibition buildings and three floors filled with booths representing businesses from all over the world. Cosmoprof Asia is a leading global expo for all things cosmetics, from manufacturers and packaging to ingredients suppliers, hair, nail, beauty accessories, high-tech devices, skincare brands, and cosmetics fillers. It's hard to describe how exciting and overwhelming it can be, but the Innovation Committee had prepared extensively for these three days to ensure we made the most of our time, finding exciting innovations and the latest technologies to bring back to our ANZ clinics.


Could you highlight any collaborations or partnerships that ACSG is set to explore as a result of your interactions at Cosmoprof Asia? 

Catherine: We are set to trial some new skincare ranges using the latest technologies, along with intriguing smaller devices for tightening, rejuvenating, and infusing actives.

Olivier: Opportunities abound to find high-performing, up-and-coming brands, or manufacturing partners. We aim to initiate meaningful, long-term relationships and launch innovative technologies across devices, professional treatments, and home care, ensuring our clinics remain at the forefront of global innovations.


Did you manage to enjoy any downtime while in Hong Kong and can you share any tips for making the most of a visit? 

Catherine: If you want to see more of Hong Kong, it’s best to arrive a couple of days early or leave a couple of days later. After a full day at Cosmoprof, there is not much energy left to explore.

Olivier: Hong Kong is a vibrant place with magnetic energy. It offers surprises and delights at every corner. Walking around from the central by the bay to Soho and back via some small back streets was really fun and the only time we got to explore more of what Hong Kong has to offer. With our eyes on the prize, we saved most of our energy for this three-day marathon expo!

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