All About Medik8 Acids

All About Medik8 Acids

Exfoliating acids can be your skin’s superhero; they can exfoliate, smooth and visibly brighten many stubborn skin concerns. As some of the most well-proven ingredients in skincare, they have the potential to transform skin tone and texture in just a matter of weeks.

At Medik8, we have 3 categories of products and treatments containing exfoliating acids:

  • Daily Acid Exfoliation
  • At-Home Treatments
  • Professional Peels


Before we get into our different acid categories at Medik8, let's look at how they actually work. Exfoliating acids break down the bonds between skin cells to allow them to shed off more easily, helping to stimulate faster skin cell turnover. As a result, they can help to resurface the texture of the skin and minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation. They can even reduce congestion and the likelihood of blemishes forming, all while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many different exfoliating acids to choose from, and it’s super important to tailor your ‘acid wardrobe’ (as we like to call it) to your individual skin type and concerns.


So let's meet our 3 types of exfoliating acids: AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. They all have different ways of working on the skin, all with slightly different end results.

AHA - Alpha hydroxy acid. Usually water soluble and work to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin. Examples include glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid - see Sleep Glycolic our true 10% glycolic acid at-home peel, or Pore Minimising Tonic which contains a blend of lactic and mandelic acid.

BHA - Beta hydroxy acid. Oil soluble and can therefore penetrate deep into pores, unclogging blockages to prevent blemishes. Examples include salicylic acid - found in our Blemish Control Pads, Blemish SOS and Press & Clear at a maximum strength of 2%.

PHA - Polyhydroxy acid. Water soluble, and are made up of big molecules therefore they stick to working on the top surface of the skin. Examples include gluconolactone - found in our everyday, twice a day acid toner Press & Glow.

So now we’ve established each type of acid - let's get into our different categories at Medik8. 




As we explained earlier, the overuse of high strength exfoliating acids can result in a damaged skin barrier. Of course, your skin barrier is crucial for overall healthy-looking skin. Keeping this in mind, our ultimate guidance on using at-home, high strength exfoliating acid treatments is simple - treat your skin 2-3 times a week, rather than every day. Remember, it is a marathon not a sprint to reach your skin goals. Long-term skin health is the most important aim.



Zooming in on our Medik8 Professional treatments, let's have a closer look at how we administer exfoliating acids in-clinic. Chemical peels are fast-becoming the number one clinical skin treatment worldwide due to their ability to go deeper into the skin, meaning they can target the most stubborn of skin concerns. Offering the ultimate in skincare results, professional peels need to be delivered in a controlled environment and are recommended for less frequent use, compared to at-home treatments. Medik8 has an extensive range of Professional Peels that are specifically formulated to target different skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone (see Even™), or for congestion and oiliness (Clarity™ may be the one for you), or for concerns around fine lines and wrinkles (Rewind™ is our go-to peel for signs of ageing). Delivering visible results with less discomfort and downtime, we take clients on a unique peeling journey, with high performance peeling results alongside reduced sensation.

Our Peels range features an assortment of exfoliating acids; lactic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, gluconolactone, pyruvic acid and lipohydroxy acid. We keep the acid concentrations high and the peel pH low for optimum penetration and results, but with the addition of irritation-reducing Time Release Technology. In each peel formulation, we have included arginine – a naturally occurring amino acid that slows down the penetration of exfoliating acids on the skin, causing the stinging sensation to build up gradually in order to ease the client into the peel experience. We never compromise on experience for results, or vice versa.

12 weeks → 8 clinic appointments → 6 professional peels

Medik8’s 12 Weeks to Wow programme introduces a form of ‘personal training’ for the skin - a 12-week programme of 6 in-clinic peels tailored to your specific concerns, combined with a prescribed at-home regime of CSA products. Clients are assigned a dedicated Medik8 professional who will guide them through their treatment journey with educational tips, personalised homecare and a unique peels experience. Over the 6 treatments, therapists have a choice of 12 peels from our portfolio to treat various skin concerns which can be built up in strength and layered for maximum results. The final appointment is the ‘WOW Reveal’ where clients will be able to measure their skin results by comparing them to photos taken in their first consultation. 



We also ensure that our ‘directions of use’ are crystal clear, and combine these amazing acid ingredients with hydrating and nourishing actives to counteract any drying or flaking. We believe that when exfoliating acids are used correctly, they are comfortable on the skin and can promote a healthy skin barrier - resulting in noticeably smooth, glowing, and resilient skin.


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