Q&A with DMK's Head of Education - Donna Hodgson

Q&A with DMK's Head of Education - Donna Hodgson

As featured in Beautify magazine.

Q: How can I minimise the appearance of my enlarged pores?

A: Enlarged pores can result from an accumulation of excess cells on the skin’s surface, which emphasises their size. The skin is designed to naturally exfoliate
itself through the action of a desquamating enzyme. However, when the skin has low free water levels (lacks hydration) this enzyme’s efficiency diminishes. As a result, natural exfoliation becomes less effective, leading to a build-up of cells on the skin’s surface, also slowing cell turnover and contributing to the appearance of enlarged pores.

To address the appearance of enlarged pores, we recommend a series of DMK treatments to remove the build-up of redundant cells, revise skin's texture and improve free water levels (hydration), encouraging the skin’s exfoliation process.

However, to prevent the recurrence of this issue, it’s crucial to include products into your Home Prescription that focus on repairing the skin’s barrier and maintaining good hydration levels. While drinking water is important, in this context, it is about the skin's ability to hold water.

DMK Home Prescriptives – EFA Ultra supplements, Herb & Mineral Mist and Herbal Pigment Oil work to repair the skins barrier, reduce transepidermal water loss and promote enhanced hydration, waking up the desquamating enzymes in the skin. Revitosin is an excellent formulation, formulated to regulate cell turnover. Micro Peel and DMK At-home Enzyme Masque are exceptional exfoliants for maintaining smooth skin texture and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.


Q: Are there any treatments or products to improve the dark circles around my eyes?

A: Dark circles can be caused by various factors. Identifying the underlying colour of your dark circles is essential for identifying their cause and the best solution to revise them.

Pigmented dark circles: These dark circles are caused by an excess production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour. Factors such as genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes, and skin ageing can contribute to increased melanin production, resulting in pigmented dark circles.

Vascular dark circles: These dark circles typically appear as a bluish or purplish colour and are caused by blood vessels that become more visible under the thin skin around the eyes. Factors such as poor circulation, allergies, sinus congestion, dehydration, lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep, and lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to the dilation of blood vessels and pooling of blood, leading to vascular dark circles.

The DMK Enzyme Masque can improve dark circles under the eyes by promoting circulation, eliminating stagnation, it works to hydrolyse dead cells revealing fresher brighter skin underneath, hydrate the skin and helps to strengthen the skin’s support structure, stimulating collagen production leading to a brighter
more rejuvenated appearance around the eyes.

The following Home Prescriptives will also help alleviate dark circles.
DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum assists in collagen production and strengthening and brightening skin.
DMK Herbal Pigment Oil sprayed with Herb & Mineral Mist will improve hydration - and brighten pigmentation.
DMK Eye Tone plumps up the skin and rebuilds the fragile skin around the eye and neck area, strengthening fragile capillaries and reducing dark circles.
DMK Red Vein Crème is great for flushing out and strengthening the blood vessels.
Regul8 Relax supplements relieve symptoms of stress and improve quality of sleep.


Q: How can I improve the appearance of cellulite?

A: Cellulite is a symptom of weak connective tissue, where enlarged fat cells push through resulting in the dimpled appearance of cellulite. These enlarged fat cells also compress the circulatory and lymphatic vessels restricting their functioning. Cellulite can be compared to a mattress with lumps and bumps: when the mattress is not evenly supported by its springs (connective tissue), the padding (fat cells) pushes through, creating visible dimples and unevenness on the surface. The main contributors to cellulite are hormones, age, genetics, stress levels, diet and lifestyle.

To address cellulite, it’s essential to enhance both the lymphatic and circulatory systems as well as strengthen connective tissue. DMK Body Firming Treatment Program works to stimulate the lymphatic system and circulatory system increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells, taking away some of the pressure caused by the cellulite fat cells and strengthen the underlying connective tissue, encouraging the production of collagen to revise any loose and sagging skin for an incredible smooth and tight finish. This treatment program is designed to be performed weekly over either a 6, 8, or 12- week period depending on the severity of the treatment area. 

Recommended key DMK Home Prescriptives;
Hydra Louffa - non-granular body gel designed to cleanse the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.
Body Sculpting crème - formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as well as firm, tighten and tone the skin through the stimulation of thermogenesis.
Maximum Moisture - body nourishing crème is a deeply penetrating body moisturiser that firms the skin.
DMK EFA Ultra - strengthen connective tissue, help with fluid regulation and help to normalise fat metabolism.
Regul8 Relax – relieve symptoms of stress.
Diet and exercise should also be factored in when addressing cellulite and enhancing overall skin wellness.

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Donna Hodgson - DMK Head of Education

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