Next-Generation Plasma Devices to Lift, Tighten & Shrink Excess Skin

Plasma Pen™ by Louise Walsh International is one of the most advanced non-invasive, nitrogen plasma devices on the market. German engineered and designed, Plasma Pen delivers next-generation plasma delivery, making it the number one solution for aesthetics and medical professionals worldwide.

The two Plasma Pen™ options include Plasma Pen Ultra and Plasma Pen Platinum.

Plasma Pen Ultra features two power settings which provides trained and advanced users with high plasma delivery intensities and ablative properties, and fast spray shading with rapid coverage. This allows experienced operators to work at a fast pace.

Plasma Pen Platinum provides access to 5 different and versatile power settings as well as continuous plasma delivery at the push of a button. The nitrogen plasma is delivered in the most precise, efficient and effective way possible. Expert users are able to operate with much higher plasma delivery intensities, deliver incredibly fast spray shading with rapid coverage and work at a dramatically faster pace. This is the ultimate device in the LWI portfolio capable of delivering the most high-end, pioneering and next-generation treatments possible.

Needle-free filler delivery

HyaPenPro™ is a hyaluronic acid filler delivery device designed for uniform, flawless and painfree volume enhancement. It enables the precise penetration of hyaluronic acid fillers and pharmaceutical grade sculpting and enhancement products into the skin – all without a needle.

The game-changing HyaPenPro™, HyaPenPro™, is the only device of its kind approved by the TGA and the only FDA Registered device. The ingenious and perfectly calibrated spring and piston design generates high pressure airflow to rapidly, yet very gently, push nanoscale volumes of product through a microscopic hole into the skin. Uniquely, the device has up to 7 variable pressure settings, multiple actuation configurations and interchangeable heads and ampoules which entirely eliminate the need for multiple devices. HyaPenPro™ requires no anaesthetic and delivers product accurately and with little to no swelling, pain, bruising or bleeding.

Louise Walsh International

The innovator of one of the world’s most advanced suite of non-invasive, nitrogen plasma devices. Manufactured in Germany, LWIs innovative portfolio of world class devices deliver next-generation, non-invasive fibroblasting treatments. Internationally acclaimed for their innovative, sleek, intuitive and ergonomic plasma technology, Plasma Pen™ is the number one solution for aesthetic and medical professionals worldwide.