Beauty from Within

ActivLayr is one of the only cosmetics that actually works from within. ActivLayr is scientifically designed to deliver bioactives to a depth of 2.5mm into your skin, reaching the dermal layers where bioactives really thrive and work their magic!


A Need for a Pure Natural, Sustainable Product – Taking Clean Beauty to a Whole New Level

Most cosmetics out here claim to be all natural, chemical free. However, the reality is, they generally require chemicals or synthetic compounds such as emulsifiers or stabilisers to deliver their bio-actives into the skin. We’ve created the world’s first marine collagen nanofibre cosmetic product which utilises the purity of the bio-actives, to create a scaffold of natural, sustainable ingredients that are free from typically harmful emulsifiers and stabilisers. If you don’t trust us, have a look at our ingredients list. You could literally count all the ingredients used on one hand!


Scientifically Proven, Clinically Tested

Over the past 6 years, the team at ActivLayr has put in a tremendous amount of work to get this technology from lab-scale to something that could be in your hands today. As scientists, they’ve focused solely on the technical and scientific validation of the product. They’ve ensured the end product is clinically proven to be effective, and safe to use on any type of skin. From a science and clinical point of view, the product works!